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EP release fall 2016


Audio excerpts taken from the upcoming EP:


(most) photos by Midas Verburg


'Nieuw en Meer', an artist community situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam, has been the host of numerous musical performances, ranging in styles, over the past decades.  In 2013, as the community prepared for its 25th anniversary, the idea occurred to combine the forces behind many of these performances.  Thus, Nils Krook and Vera Broos joined to create the concept of MEERTONEN, an event merging various styles - Rock, MathMetal, Klezmer, and Jazz - live on stage followed by the attempt to capture and record this madness at Warning Studios at 'Nieuw en Meer'.  The Foundation ‘Nieuw en Meer’ contributed to realise and crowd fund this entire project.


     Theo Holsheimer and his band CILICE, with the addition of horns and samples, performed live at the anniversary festivities. Because the event was such an overwhelming, outstanding and vibrant show, Theo decided to write additional compositions for various other instruments to be able to record this wonder.  A number of talented musicians, of whom many have performed at ‘Nieuw en Meer’ over the years, played parts during the recording sessions. The sessions resulted in three tracks that exceeded everyone's expectations. From this, the CILICE ORCHESTRA was born.


     Now, with over 200 tracks recorded, this completely deranged project has truly brought forward an astonishing result.



Theo Holsheimer                       guitars

Simon Lawford                     guitars

Philipp Moser                   drums

David Kox      synths / electronics

    + guests


featured on the EP are


Oene van Geel                                 viola

Ben Mathot                               violin

Remko Smid                    tenor sax

Gijs Levelt                      trumpet

Dirk Beets                           trumpet

Frans Cornelissen        trombone

PieterJan Cramer           accordion

Jasper de Beer                double bass

Nils Krook          acoustic guitar

Joao Driesen                      tenor sax

Bryan Ramage    primordial scream


For booking, correspondence and general info:


+31 (0) 6 195 881 66


Soon we will provide info & biography for press, high-res pictures and technical rider for download here.

Please contact us directly as of now.

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